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Profmed app

Profmed app
The Profmed App helps you to ensure that your entire family has access to valuable functions and Scheme information.

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Profmed Baby

Profmed Baby
Profmed Baby will provide you with support to make this journey as enjoyable as possible for you. You will receive informative communication for the duration of your pregnancy.

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within RSA

Emergency transport within RSA
Rest assured that if your circumstances warrant emergency transport, on contacting the emergency transport number, an appropriate form of transportation will be despatched to you with no capped limits.

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travel medical

International travel medical assistance
This benefit covers members in South Africa while traveling outside the borders of South Africa and members who reside in the SADC Region when traveling outside the borders of their country of residence.

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Multiply Wellness
and Rewards

Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme
Multiply is a wellness and rewards programme that inspires you to reach your goals by rewarding your progress. You are rewarded for doing activities that promote your overall wellness so that you can live multiplied.

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Mailback and

Mailback and SMS-back
This service allows our members to receive a “package” of information automatically generated by our system.

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Members can access their profiles through our member portal.

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